Tool Design

Tooling can be costly, but in truth a real money-saving opportunity from the outset.

fact: Creative logical designs and material selection will vastly reduce both tooling and component cost.


Example: A newly designed part from a customer, without involvement was an original tooling cost of £20,500. This project was then undertaken by MB Technical to review its design (modification charge to customer £500) which culminated in a new reduced tooling cost to £10,500 i.e a bottom line saving of over £9,500

Supporting customers from simple open and close tooling, to multi-cavity hot runner tools/2 stage ejection/cylinders/valve gates etc, we assist the development of manufacturing solutions from market research to designs, tooling to production. MB Technical help bring about simplified designs for tooling. Both proven UK and Far East tooling supply chains keep MB Technical along with their customers ahead in a highly competitive market.

Strategic Tooling Suppliers in UK, Europe and Far East